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TelePresence Global Deployment

Cisco TelePresence Global Deployments by Comstor


Westcon Group's GPS, Global Procurement System

We will leverage our GPS, used currently to support cross-border rollouts. GPS helps you execute on a global scale by removing obstacles typically associated with global distribution. GPS is aimed at helping you streamline project management and ensuring coordination at the local level – while fully complying with government and tax laws.


What are the benefits of working with the Global Desk?

  • The global desk will consolidate PO’s from a central order point or local customer entities, depending on preference. One point of contact for our customers
  • Central of local billing depending on where our customers have legal entities
  • Westcon will provide a local transaction where possible, enabling tax and VAT to be recovered in country


The process:

  1. Inquiry or Quote Request: If a you have a TelePresence opportunity which requires delivery outside of your home country, you need to fill in the GPS Inquiry form either online or through an excel file. Both can be found on this webpage. You can easily follow the instructions on the form and in the excel file on the Bill-of-Material and End-User/Delivery locations.
  2. Quote & Transaction Flow: Based on the received information the Global desk will generate a quote and recommend the transaction flow and highlight any conditions and paper work required.
  3. Delivery: Once the quote is accepted and converted into a purchase order, the Global Desk co-ordinates the shipments with the local entities of Westcon Group for local delivery where possible or an export.
  4. If you are interested you can also load the complete process from below


If you have an opportunity, which require's delivery outside of your home country, we would like to ask you to fill in the online form below. We will contact you as fast as possible. We have also uploaded the excel file which you can use to fill in the Bill-of-Materials. You can send the excel file to:






Mariela Matos Bisono

European Marketing Services Specialist