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Designed specifically with resellers in mind, the Comstor offers a series of practical sales and technical skills enhancement courses all specifically aimed at assisting resellers to dramatically improve the bottom line of their business. These courses provide hands-on experience with the latest products in a friendly and comfortable training environment. Comstor’s trainers have unsurpassed technical knowledge with leading industry qualifications. Training can either be classroom based, instructor led certification courses or online.George Fandos Leap


Our LEAP Center education & training offerings enable you to demonstrate the benefits of the virtualized data center to your customers by consolidating, streamlining, and simplifying the data center.


Additionally, reseller partners may elect to participate in sales training focused on how to generate leads, provide product demonstrations, create and deliver proposals as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Our data center training based on scheduled briefing offerings are identified below. 


•             Datacenter – A Generic Overview (what and why of DC)

•             Cisco Approach to new Markets – give the UC example

•             Datacenter – The Cisco Approach (Cisco vision and products)

•             Cisco Datacenter – Five ROI Technologies (Management, Cost Savings)

•             Cisco Datacenter - Cisco SOA Architecture

•             Cisco Datacenter – Competitive Comparison with other servers

•             Cisco Datacenter – A day in the life of a typical set up (Guided Lab)

•             Cisco Datacenter – Services and Support

•             Cisco Datacenter – What does the future look like (roadmap)

•             Comstor Value Add – How we can help (resellers)

•             Executive Relevance Selling overview

•             Business Case Workshop

•             Proof of Concept utilizing customer’s critical application/data

•             Virtualization 101

•             The Virtualization Process

•             Security in a Virtualized Environment

•             UCS Manager Reseller Architect Labs

•             How will UCS and the Cisco DC Platform co-exist with my current environment

•             Architectural Workshop

•             The Green Data Center - Server power consumption workshop



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